All Team Members

Suzie Bangoura

Administration Officer

John Sterling

Property Manager

Jérémy Carré

Property Manager

Michael Lord

Property Manager

Dannielle Bryan

Property Manager

Dannielle’s background in client facing customer services lends itself favourably to serving the high tempo, high expectations of our premium clients. Dannielle is an athlete of considerable stature and runs the 100m in under 12 seconds.

Beatrice Popa

Property Manager

Grace Ramundi

Accounts Assistant

Natasha Palmer

Property Manager

I am the first line of telephone support for the team, handling all enquiries as swiftly as possible and referring to the relevant property manager where required. I love the wide variety of personalities we deal with on a daily basis.

Jack Butterworth

Senior Property Manager

Blocks of flats are considered to be Places of Work by the Health & Safety Executive. I am tasked with ensuring that all safety obligations are met at all our sites. I operate a traffic light tracking system and take a proactive approach to ensure we never go in Red!

Lauren Croft

Associate Director

Having worked in accounting at Initiative since 2013, I have honed my book-keeping and accountancy skill set. I deliver income/expense reports to directors to keep them abreast throughout the financial year. In particular I thrive on making sure service charges are paid on time!